Interested in playing online poker?

Are you interested in playing online poker? Poker is one of the most popular and exciting online casino games in Thailand. When it comes to playing this awesome card game, you need to know not only the rules, but also the factors that may affect your behavior while playing it. If you are not yet familiar with poker tilt, now is the best time to research more about it. This article can help you out a bit. Read on.

We all know that prevention is always better than cure. Avoiding poker tilt is not easy, but successfully distancing yourself from it can save you tons of wasted money and time.

Spot the early warning signs. In order to do this, you should learn to recognize your triggers. Triggers are those things that upset you. What are those offensive things that put you on tilt? Keep in mind that tilt generally fall in 2 categories–external components which are not part of the poker game, and those things that happen within that game. These things make a player vulnerable to tilt.

Do you know that even outside influences such as financial worries, lack of sleep and stress at home can all contribute to this? These are not the final catalysts that kicks off the tilt, but they still share a big part of the blame.

At the end of the day, anything that affects your emotions in a game of poker has the potential to cause this tilt. Even excessive gambling wins can do it.

How can you avoid it?

The answer to this is simple. Stop playing for a while. The moment you realize that you are on a tilt, turn off the laptop and walk away from it. Regaining your composure would take time. If you have enough discipline, you will be able to relax for quite some time away from the poker table.

Below are some helpful techniques that would help you manage your emotions.

  • Never chat with your opponent. Small talk can open doors for defensive comments that can result to arguments.
  • Are you having a hard time getting in the right frame of mind? That’s your signal to cash in. Stop playing. You need a break.
  • Walk away from your computer or poker table. Take a walk outside, or go to the restroom to cool off.
  • Don’t call a friend to talk about a bad beat. This will not calm you down. Instead, it would worsen your tilt.

Once you decide to return to playing poker, you should be honest with yourself. Check if you are really ready to play again. Just in case you are not 100% sure, it’s best to wait a bit longer.