Just like creating a new mobile game development these days, games and sports apps have never been easier to develop. There are builders that can easily help you create a visually appealing sports and game app. Now, in this article, I will talk about the general steps on how you can create a native gaming app for the iOS, Android, and how to integrate codes to help you create a cross- platform application. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Here are the steps that you should do in order for you to create a gaming app for the iOS platform:

a) First, create an account ID in Apple’s Developer program. It is not free and the reason is that you will have to pay a fee for you to publish your app (as well as get the necessary SDK to help get things started)
b) Brainstorm game ideas and wireframe them as you move along. This is a crucial step because you want everything streamlined as the development process goes
c) If you’re having trouble creating the app because of the mammoth workload, you may want to hire additional developers to your team
d) iOS applications make use of the Objective-C programming language. It is a bit easier to use than Java and along with the Apple Swift SDK, it is much easier for you to create a gaming app
e) Once everything is finished, you can then proceed to publish your app by submitting it to Apple for review.

Additional Tips: you can use other programs to help you with the creation process. You can use SpriteBuilder to help create the characters, you can visit the Game Center for Developers if you are stuck in the creative process, and you can collaborate with more experienced developers at the Game Development Stack Exchange forum.


For this platform, it is a bit different than iOS development, but the process has some resemblance to the former. Here are the steps:

a) Get the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) directly from Google
b) Get additional resources such as the Corona SDK, GameMaker: Studio, and Stencyl to help you create in-game elements                                                                                                                               
c) Add some back-end coding using Java
d) Once the app is done, you can submit it to Google for review. Additional Tips: You can download PlayIR as well so that you will have additional tools for game creation. Other programs that you can try are GameSalad and Game Editor which offers tools of their own that can help with the game creation process.


To develop cross-platform game apps, here are the things that you should do:

a) Get the Visual Studio program and install it
b) You have to first understand how to use the Xamarin framework inside of the Visual Studio as this will help in the development process
c) Create a code that will be translated for use on other platforms
d) Use the Xamarin tools to help translate the code
e) Finally, distribute the code for other platforms and you’re set!


Game and Sports Apps are quite easy to do now as there are more streamlined programs and tools that will help you. To make things work, however, you need to have prior knowledge of the right programming language and everything is else is going to be easy.