Having tried a lot of web hosting providers over the past years, I think I have the knowledge to help would-be website owners to choose the best hosting company for them.

To tell you the truth, the answer to the question, which is the best hosting provider out there doesn’t have a clear-cut answer and that is because people have different needs.

So basically, what’s ‘best’ for you may not be the best for others. I do, however, know what you need to look for so do read ahead to find out the factors that you should consider when choosing a hosting company.

Technical Specifications

The first thing that you’d want to consider before choosing the right hosting provider for you is what your demands are when it comes to technical specifications.

For example, how much bandwidth and storage do you really need on your website? For blogs, since you are only going to create written content, storage is not a really huge issue at all. However, if you plan on establishing your own online store, then it is a worthy consideration.

How about some more technical stuff like your website control panel or perhaps your SQL database? Before searching for a hosting company, it is important that you list down all of your specifications first since it will truly narrow down your options to a considerable degree.

If you are unsure as to how much exact resources you need, you may want to opt for a company that provides scalable services so that you can buy additional resources whenever it is needed.

Don’t Go for the Cheapest

There was one time where our president said to never entertain or indulge in the lowest bidders since they can be a haven for illegal activities and whatnot. I actually believe him and the same thing goes for whenever you look for a hosting company.

Since the web hosting industry is quite competitive, hosting companies would probably reduce their prices by a substantial amount in the hopes of luring people into their business. Although you might think that the cheapest is the best; it is actually not.

In other words, if you are going to find the right one for your needs, do not necessarily go for the cheapest. Look at the features they provide and see who offers it at a price you’re comfortable paying.

Good Customer Service is a Must

I used to be a person that rarely ever thinks about a company’s customer service track record, but that is to be my downfall (at least, back in the day).

You see, as a website owner, you have to be ready for potential server downtimes or your website is inaccessible. I think you know by now that every minute your website is down could net you major losses on your part, especially if you are running an online business.

Being able to call your hosting company at any time you run into problems and have them resolve any issues immediately is a must.