Short Stack Poker Tournament Strategy

The Short Stack Poker Tournament Tactic: 15 Big Blinds and Below

Several poker players get nervous when their chip stack stretches to 15 big blinds at 918kiss. But, there is really no need to tense up. Just relax—this short stack can give you a convenient play.

Rather than reading players and figuring odds, you just need to choose if you want to fold or shove.

1. 10 Big Blinds and Under

Poker is really not a difficult game. With this kind of stack, a player can gear towards an unexploitable poker play. Make sure to solve any circumstance using your hand and stack size wisely.

Do you think you need help? Just go to Contemplate at all the charts, and study them. You can also purchase one, and take it to your next trip to the card room. This can give you all the necessary information, from the cards you should fold to the ones you should push.

These charges can give you an unexploitable range. However, you need to make adjustments.

2. 11-15 Big Blinds

With this stack size, you are too short to fold and raise. Just stick on premium hands earlier in the position. In the much later position, open up a great deal. However, if no antes are present, don’t get nervous. It is possible to do a raise, or limp using kings and aces.

3. Under Five Big Blinds

Once you decide to go all in using a stack which is under 5 big blinds, you will definitely get called. Just in case there are no antes, and you can see more free hands, then, folding is possible. If are first in, and antes are present, your best choice is to pray and push.

4. The Six-Big Blind Rule

Once a player reaches 6 big blinds, it will be okay to raise bigger amounts compared to the chart’s suggestions. 6 big blinds is low, but you can still go for it, and expect other players to fold all your raises.

If a player falls under that number, players may start to call loosely. Then, the chance to profit from the their folding leads to nothing.

5. Table Image

Once you reach the much later stages of the game, they will eventually respect your raises.

You just need to remember that you can profit from folding moves. This is known as Fold Equity, and is a vital aspect towards a great fold and push strategy.

Tummy Tuck Guide

A Patient’s Basic Guide to a Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck will not only give you a flat, firm abdomen. It can also improve body contour, and will help you regain your self-confidence. Once you consult with a board-certified surgeon, he or she will prepare a treatment plan personalized to your own needs. Are you ready to have that perfect abdominal shape that will last for many years?

How can a tummy tuck procedure help a patient?

A tummy tuck procedure can reshape and tighten the abdominal body part, helping the patient get a slimmer, more aesthetically pleasing look.

It tightens a person’s abdominal muscles, and removes sagging, excess skin. This will easily take away an undesirable looking belly.

Who are qualified to undergo a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck procedures are popular both to women and men, and they decide to do it for many personal reasons.

Who are the best tummy tuck candidates? Those people who are near their ideal weight, non-smokers, and those who have realistic expectations.

If any of the following describe you as a person, then you can consider a tummy tuck procedure:

  • You have a belly fat that is sticking out, despite being in a good shape
  • You’re maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise routine
  • Your abdomen lacks tone
  • Your abdominal skin and muscles are sagging and stretched after a pregnancy
  • You have excess skin hanging on your belly after losing weight

How can you choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon?

For you to experience the amazing results of a tummy tuck procedure, you need to find an experienced and dedicated cosmetic tummy tuck doctors. Find someone with specialized training to ensure a successful, and most importantly, safe outcome. Moreover, your procedure should be performed in an accredited facility.

Make sure he or she is board certified, and with extensive, specialized training.

What are the different types of tummy tuck procedures?

Every patient is different. Your surgeon should help you achieve your desired results by creating a treatment plan for you, and deciding efficiently which type of tummy tuck procedure should be performed.


1. The Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

An extended tummy tuck procedure helps improves the lower and upper flanks and abdomen. It requires a longer incision to remove extra hanging skin from the front of your abdomen, flanks and abdominal wall.

Will it result in a scar? Yes, it will. However, this scarring is considered as a great price for patients who are very much happy with their improved body figure.

2. The Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck procedure can improve a patient’s lower abdomen without an extensive surgery. This approach only involves single incision above the pubic mound. Through this, the surgeon can remove excess skin, and tighten the loose muscles to restore a flat, smooth abdominal wall.

Will it result in a scar? Yes, but it is just a very thin, horizontal line.

The benefits of a mini tummy tuck?

  • Shorter procedure
  • Quicker recovery
  • Slimmer, flatter lower abdomen

3. The Full or Classic Tummy Tuck Procedure

A classic tummy tuck procedure can improve the lower and upper abdomen. A U-shaped incision will be made to remove extra skin, and tighten abdominal muscles. In some instances, another incision will be created to address the extra skin above the patient’s belly button.

Will it result in a scar? Yes, a very thin, less noticeable scar.

The Healing and Recovery Period

Plenty of tummy tuck surgeries can be done as outpatient procedures. This means patients can go home a few hours after. In some cases, the surgeon may require an overnight stay at the hospital for the initial recovery hours.

“I am a busy mother. How can I take care of my kids?”

Tummy tuck procedures are perfect for mothers who want to regain their lost confidence and fit frame. Since there will be plenty of limits on straining and lifting after the operation, you need to get someone help you around the house for quite some time.

Moving around too much, and carrying heavy children can jeopardize the outcome of your surgery. Stretching the incision area can lead to prolonged swelling and bleeding. It’s very important to follow your surgeon’s instructions.

“When will I be able to return to work?”

This would depend on how physically stressful and demanding your work is. Normally, a patient may return to work after 2 to 4 weeks.

Do you have a desk job? If yes, then you may jump back to work earlier. However, if your job requires lifting or any other strenuous tasks, then it might take a month before you can go back.

Look and feel your best!

Tummy tuck enhancements are meant to last for a long time. You can feel confident you’re your abdominal muscles will remain tighter and firmer.

The excess skin will also not return.  As long as it is performed by a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon, then it will be a life-changing experience.

You can enjoy a more youthful physique that you can further improve through exercise and a healthy diet.