In the early 19th century, oysters were widely consumed by most of the working class people. Oysters beds began to dry up due to the growth of their demand, the prices of these bivalves rose continuously. Nowadays, oyster are classified as high end food. Almost all types of oysters are edible and it is even served raw or half shell. Usually, small sized oysters are served raw because they are best to serve that way. You can get fresh oysters by ordering oysters online But in this article, i’m going to share a few fun ways to cook your oysters and it is delicious. Feel free to try and also share it with others.


Preparing oysters only has a few steps. First, you must clean the oysters by brushing and scrubbing their shell. You can use any type of brush for cleaning. After that, rinse the oysters and soak the oysters in cold water. Let it in there for 10 minutes. Please remember do not wash your oysters in advance before cooking them even 2 hours in advance. Because it will affect the oysters freshness and taste. After you done cleaning the oysters, pour around 2 inch water in a steaming pot. Add some salt and ginger and lemongrass for some aroma and flavour. Put a colander or metal steamer tray into the pot to hold the oysters. The last step is,add some more water and you can start steaming for around 5 to 8 minutes. Always use the medium fire to steam. When the shell is open it means the oysters are already cooked and ready to serve.


Preparing oysters steps would be the same, and it always is. You still need to brush and remove all the dirts using cold water and it should be running to make the process easier. After you are done cleaning then you can move to prepare the grills. You should use a gas grill or traditional way which is a charcoal grill. Make sure the heat is medium high. When yo ulay the oyster on the grill, it is better if it is on the fat side of the grill. Apart from that, it depends on you when you want to season your oyster. If you want to season them before cooking then shucking would be the best option. If you don’t want to, you can just leave them and cook like you always do.


This time, the way to prepare the oysters would be different. Before you fry your oysters, you must shuck the oysters first. First, take a cloth to cover the front of the oyster and carefully slide a knife into the hinge at the back of the oyster. After it is already in, twist your wrist to break the hinge. Then, slide the knife to open it loose then you are good to go. Next, after you remove the oysters, you must coat the oysters before you fry them. For the coating, mix flour, black pepper and salt then beat 2 eggs lightly in a separate bowl. Put the oysters and coat it with the mixture and then fry them for around 6 minutes. Enjoy the crunchiness of the coating.