Technology has certainly come a long way, especially when it comes to watches. Gone are the days where people would normally lock themselves into choosing just an automatic watch or a quartz watch as there are now watches with digital displays that can do more features than, say, telling the time.
That being said, one of the major advancements in watch technology is the advent of medical alert smartwatches. Basically, these are smartwatches with specific features that are akin to a medical alert necklace that some people typically wear.
The problem with the traditional medical alert systems is that when people see someone wearing such a device, it would usually trigger stigma and would result in discrimination.
Fortunately, there are some watchmaking companies that are committed to giving people what they need by providing them with a smartwatch that has medical alert features.
This article will serve as your guide to the best medical alert smartwatches in 2020.

Core Features of a Medical Alert Smartwatch

Before I give my recommendations for the best smartwatches with medical alert features, it is important that you know exactly what to look for. Here are some of its core features:

  • Built-in GPS Tracker
  • The ability to send SOS to medical authorities with a click or push of a button
  • The ability to call for help (i.e. the watch has speakers for a two-way voice call)
  • Able to pair with mobile devices for extended functionality
  • Some core smartwatch features such as heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, step counter, and many more.

Best Medical Alert Smartwatches

  • Medical Guardian

The new Freedom Guardian by the company, Medical Guardian, is the best medical alert smartwatch that you can find on the market today. Medical Guardian prides itself on making high-quality products that are used mainly in the healthcare industry.
That being said, the reason why a lot of people love this watch is the fact that aside from its great looks, it is actually quite easy to read, especially for old adults.
It’s got an accurate GPS tracker, a text-to-speech messaging app, a weather forecaster, WiFi, and it is even showerproof as well. The watch can be connected to a mobile device for extended functionality if needed.
Your caregiver can instantly send your reminders and notifications by downloading and installing the Medical Guardian app. From there, you can also tweak different settings as you please.
I also love the fact that it is lightweight and is made of durable materials that will surely make it last a really long time.

  • MobileHelp

This next watch is a bit sportier-looking than the first one. The MobileHelp medical alert smartwatch has on-screen buttons that make it so much easier for the elderly to get a hold of the device’s many features.
It includes activity-tracking features, vital sign sensors, GPS tracking abilities, provides timely weather reports, a journal for your activity goals, a heart rate monitor, and it is even water and dust-resistant as well.
With the use of the MobileHelp Connect app, your caregiver can send you messages and notifications so that you will know exactly when to take your medicines, as well as what activities should be done on any given day.