The web design industry is constantly changing minute after minute. What is cool yesterday, may be replaced by a cooler trend today. As a web designer, you need to catch this rhythm and make yourself aware of the most recent developments.

How can you develop your brand, and grow your business more efficiently in 2019? Here is a list of trends that you should consider.

1.Transition Effects

Web development and design in 2018 is creatively remarkable and this upcoming year, it will definitely become even more innovative. Contemplate on including several transition effects in your web pages. Just make sure not to overdo it because it might slow down the response. Who wouldn’t love to see bubbles and splashes when browsing the website of a beach resort?

2.Theme Menu Buttons

While it’s okay to settle for the classic and traditional, it’s also good to explore and utilize new trends once in a while. Have you tried including menu and social media buttons with a certain theme? It may be a bit unconventional, but can prove to be captivating for your potential readers and customers.

3.Animated Call-to-Action Buttons

What do you think are the most noticeable and critical elements on a web page, alongside privacy policy? Undoubtedly, call-to-action buttons. You don’t need to make it huge, but you need to present it in an attention-grabbing manner. It should quickly catch your readers’ eyes. The written text should be in itself, engaging, then you can add glitters, shimmers and other decorative elements. You can explore various new methods, but make sure to stick to the general stylistics.

4.Folder Preview Style

Look at your website content as if you are working on a desktop, with lots of folders. You need to be delicate and meticulous in organizing all information, and finalizing your structures.

At this day and age, it is essential to opt for a minimalist design.  You can also add another type of folder for specific resources such as contacts.

5.CSS Text

Are you familiar with CSS text? Cascading Style Sheets, or simply CSS, is a styling language. Using this language to write content is a trend that is starting to grow exponentially,


Turntable.js is the standard method to JQuery sliders, web sliders as well as image viewers. Think about it, if your home page is packed with graphic content such as product photos, the animated elements will be unnoticed.


This reliable software will be one of the most crucial trends this coming 2019. Not only can it modify the focus to unfocus, it can also change the photo entirely through a slider.

8.Swatch Book

Are you looking for a new approach to represent a web menu? It can be in the form of a color palette that you usually receive in a hardware store, or consultant. Follow this trend if you’re planning to build your website any time soon. Surely, it will draw great attention, and offer lots of brilliant options.

9.Image Accordion

Are you a blogger or a photographer? If you’re always posting tons of photos in your web pages, you may want to consider an image accordion. This trend is a top choice for several look books and portfolios.